Pornhub thinks your smartphone choice reflects your kinks

Much like OK Cupid, Pornhub has access to a large repository of data concerning our most private and intimate desires. Every now and again, both sites like to reveal some statistics about what we like to get up to when nobody else is watching. Today, Pornhub is delving deep into its servers to look at the meteoric rise of smartphones over the last five years and what, if anything, your choice of smartphone says about your habits. Are iOS and Android users that different in what they like to get off to? You betcha, but for propriety's sake, we'll leave all of the grisly details until after the break. Adults only from here on out.

If you needed any more evidence that the smartphone is the dominant computing platform, then Pornhub's figures should probably convince you. Back in 2010, desktop browsing accounted for 88 percent of the site's traffic, but in 2015, that figure has fallen to just 37 percent. The rest of that figure is now accounted for by Android and iOS, with a near perfect split between the two (Android has 32 percent, iOS has 31). The company has also tracked the duration of each visit, and while the average iOS user lingering on the site for 8 minutes and 40 seconds -- Android fans hang around for 10 minutes and six seconds.

The choices of content that people choose are different, too, and Pornhub believes that there's a link between the phone you own and the sort of porn you look for. In one example, iOS users are respectively 105 and 66 percent more likely to search for Bondage and Fetish content than their Android-using compatriots. The opposite is true for films featuring fuller-figured women: Android users are 138 percent more likely to search for BBW, as well as material based on cartoons. There is, however, one sign that everyone's not so different at all, since the most searched-for term for both teams is the same: Lesbian.

Pornhub won't talk about the super-special secret sauce it uses to do it, but the firm believes it knows what gender its users are. The site reports that there's a 74.5/25.5 split between men and women that like to get their rocks off with their smartphone in hand. There are plenty more insights and statistics over on Pornhub itself, but those can wait until you get home tonight, right?