Nissan's concept car is covered in displays for the selfie generation

Billy Steele
B. Steele|10.05.15

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Nissan's concept car is covered in displays for the selfie generation

There's little doubt the cars of the future will be increasingly more high tech. However, if Nissan has anything to do with it, those vehicles could be blanketed in customizable displays, too. The Japanese company revealed its "Teatro for Dayz" (yes, really) concept ahead of the Tokyo Motor Show later this month that covers most of the interior, and some of the exterior, with "a clean canvas" of LED panels. Nissan's goal was to make a car that "share natives" (the selfie generation, in other words) would find appealing. To do that, the automaker designed a vehicle where time spent riding could also be used for "connecting and sharing experiences with friends." And, you know, paying attention to the road.

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All of that sharing can be done with the literal truckload of customizable panels that handle things like navigation, telemetry, social apps and even vary the look of the seats between leather, grass and more. The seats, headrests, door trim and dash are all part of the visual assault on your senses. On the outside, LED panels not only allow for more self-expression, but they display useful info like the EV's recharge status. You won't find any knobs and buttons on the instrument panel either, as air conditioning and audio are all voice controlled and driving data is only displayed when the car is in drive mode. If rotating seats and a smattering of interior panels sounds familiar, that's because Mercedes-Benz F015 concept was equipped with a few of its own, including displays in the doors. Nissan has gone way beyond that, though, with a vehicle that can be decorated to suite the driver's ever-changing sensibilities. Driving distractions be damned.
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