Dyson's latest bladeless fan keeps the air pure and your toes warm

When Dyson isn't turning its R&D-heavy hand to new interests, it likes to go about improving upon existing products. Case in point: the new "Pure Hot + Cool," which combines Dyson's bladeless fan, heater and air purification technologies into the one device. Like Dyson's "Pure Cool" bladeless fan, this shorter model can filter even the tiniest of particles (as small as 0.1 microns), including bacteria, mould and pollen, with a 99.95 percent success rate. Furthermore, the glass HEPA filter hidden in the base of the tower should last over a year, even with daily use. Apart from the size of the thing, the new product only differs in that it can also heat up a room, and not just keep it cool using Dyson's fancy "Air Multiplier" tech.

Like Dyson's other products in this category, the Pure Hot + Cool has various fan spread and oscillation modes, as well as a sleep timer. All of these can be set using the included remote, which clings to the top of the device when it isn't needed using the magic of magnetism. The Pure Hot + Cool is yet another premium Dyson product, and it comes with a price tag to match. Both the white/silver and more adventurous iron/blue models are now available in Japan for ¥74,304, the equivalent of roughly $620. Come early November, the device will also launch in China -- another Asian market where air quality awareness is high -- before making it to the rest of the world sometime next year.