ICYMI: HoloLens gaming, walking talking robot phone and more

ICYMI: HoloLens Gaming, Walking Talking Robot Phone and More

Today on In Case You Missed It: The RoBoHon is a 7-inch tall smartphone robot that can also dance, walk and talk and basically simultaneously creep out and amaze all your family and friends. Microsoft is busy dreaming up the next HoloLens game that we really want to play: Code-named Project X-Ray, it sends robots to do battle with you, right in your living room. And a virtual reality headset app wants to help train surgeons in a way that doesn't endanger any real people.

We also touch on the scout quadcopter that maps out terrain for its friend, a walking robot. Finally, we are rounding out the show with a Space Week nod for what an Italian astronaut regularly eats aboard the International Space Station.

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