Blocks wants your help funding its modular smartwatch

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Jon Fingas
October 13, 2015 12:15 PM
Blocks wants your help funding its modular smartwatch

After a long, long development process, Blocks is getting relatively close to releasing its modular smartwatch -- and it wants your help making that final push. The startup has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund its customizable wristwear. Pledge $195 and you'll get the circular core watch, which gives Android devices and iPhones the fundamentals like activity tracking, phone alerts and voice control. However, things get really interesting when you drop $250 or more -- you'll get at least four modules that can add everything from advanced fitness tracking to GPS to mobile payments. The hope is that you'll get just the smartwatch you want, rather than settling for whatever other manufacturers feel like giving you.

Provided everything goes well, you'll get your timepiece around May 2016. That's still several months out, but it's clear that Blocks now has a concrete path to making a real, shipping product. It has a promising future, too. There are plans for more first-party modules with cellular access and fingerprint readers, and Blocks is hoping for third-party modules that add functionality you might never have anticipated.

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