New York Times offers newsstand customers 'Digital Day Passes'

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The New York Times is launching a new "digital day pass" program today to help convince folks that still buy the paper at newsstands to instead get their news from its website. The day pass will grant access to the publication's website and apps for the day to anyone that buys a physical paper. Each paper will include a keyword that the customer will text to the number provided and receive a link that activates their digital access. Of course, if the customer doesn't yet have a account, they'll need to create one. The day's access will be revoked at midnight every night.

"The goal is to drive incremental loyalty among our newsstand customers and to also give them a similar benefit to that of our home delivery customers, who receive All Digital Access complimentary with their subscription," a spokesperson for the paper told TechCrunch. "We also want to give newsstand customers a taste of all of the additional content available on and our mobile apps, that they can't get with print."

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