Toshiba's pixel-packed 4K convertible arrives next week for $1,299

Toshiba has revealed more details about its Satellite Radius 12 Windows 10 convertible, including the price and availability. It looks like a serious contender if you're considering a Lenovo Yoga Pro 3, Microsoft Surface Book or another high-end convertible or Ultrabook, given the claimed all-day battery life, brushed metal case, 0.6-inch thickness and 2.9-pound weight. As for the screen, squeezing 4K into a 12.5-inch screen gives you 352 pixels-per-inch, which is now quaint for a smartphone, but stellar on a laptop (a 1080p option is also available). The screen is also coated with Gorilla glass and Technicolor-certified for color accuracy.

It also comes with sixth-generation Intel CPUs, up to 8GB RAM, a Harmon Kardon audio system built for convertibles, Windows 10 Hello facial identification via an infrared camera, a USB 3.1 Super Speed port, and 256GB or 512GB SSDs. Some key details are missing, however, like the specific Intel CPUs available and which graphics drive all those pixels. We do know that it's arriving in less than a week to Best Buy, Microsoft Stores and Toshiba on October 18th, and will start at $1,000 for the 1080p version and $1,300 for the 4K model. We also have a review unit in hand, so we'll give you our thoughts on the model and fill in any missing blanks very soon.