Toshiba unveils a 12-inch convertible laptop with a 4K display

Toshiba may have been, er, less than original when it unveiled its Yoga-like Satellite Radius series, but the latest model in its laptop-slash-tablet line does quite a lot to stand on its own merits. The newly launched Satellite Radius 12 packs a 12.5-inch 4K touchscreen into a compact convertible that measures a scant 0.6 inches thick and weighs 2.9 pounds. That's more than a little impressive when you consider that Lenovo's equally new (and equally light) ThinkPad Yoga 260 sticks you with a 1080p display. You'll also get your choice of speedier, more energy-efficient sixth-generation Intel Core processors and an infrared camera that can sign you in using facial recognition.

The PC maker is shy about the Radius 12's full specs and price at this point. However, it's hard to imagine a 4K screen giving you all-day battery life in a system that's so small, and you just know that this won't be a budget computer. We're also curious to know how well Windows 10 scales graphics on such a pixel-dense monitor. If Toshiba can pull this off well enough, though, this might be one of the hottest two-in-ones when it reaches the US in the fourth quarter of the year.

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