Windows 10's face detection isn't easily fooled by twins

Windows 10's Hello face recognition

Windows 10's facial recognition is supposed to make it easy to sign into your PC while maintaining security, but just how good is it? Good enough that even your doppelganger might not get in, apparently. The Australian has conducted an informal test where it tried to fool Windows using sets of identical twins, and the software wasn't tricked once -- it had a problem logging in both twins in one instance, but it otherwise allowed only those individuals that had set up recognition in the first place. That was true even when the 'evil' twins attempted to spoof the camera by adjusting their hair or removing their glasses.

It's important to note that this is a small sample of people, and that the host PC (a Lenovo Yoga 3 14) had a sophisticated depth-sensing camera. There's still a chance that the right set of twins could dupe the Hello system, or that another camera might not be so smart. However, this suggests that Windows' face detection is reliable enough to eliminate some of the frustrations you see elsewhere. And that's important for both security and convenience. It not only prevents impostors from getting in, but reduces the chances that you'll have to jump through hoops to verify your identity. I'm a non-identical twin, and I find it annoying when people have problems tagging me correctly on Facebook -- in theory, Microsoft's technology should make my life that much easier.