Poorly-named 'League of Legends' players get psychology surveys

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Mat Smith
October 16th, 2015
Poorly-named 'League of Legends' players get psychology surveys

League of Legends has roughly 67 million players, so the developer has a big challenge when it comes to monitoring the community the size of a small country — and curbing the worser elements. While it's involved itself with how players interact with the game, this time it's doing something more: it's recently started asking ill-named players to take psychological self-evaluation tests. LoL players can report others for inappropriate character names that don't gel with the game's terms of use. However, this week, some players noticing a different naming process for characters that weren't okay the first time around. Gamers now have to complete a survey, play 50 matches, then follow that up with another survey. After that, players can change their name to something that follows the rules. (Before, cheekily-named users got a temporary name until they picked a better one.)

Some players are more concerned with the contents of the survey, as Motherboard also notes, lifts questions and statements from the Narcissistic Personality Inventory test. Users on Reddit have raised concerns over where the survey's results will be used or shared — we've reached out to Riot for comment. Here's some of the questions another part of survey asks:

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