Twitch made multitasking a lot easier on iOS 9

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In case you hadn't heeded that red flag on the App Store icon and downloaded the latest update for Twitch, you might want to fix that. The latest version of the streaming app favored by gamers adds a pop-out option for the game feed window for multitasking (like Android got months ago) and a couple of features that're very specific to iOS 9's new bag of tricks. Specifically, you can have a player window popped out of the app, hit the web browser or app of your choosing and then pop Twitch chat into its own pane. As the official Twitch blog tells it, that's available on most newer iPad models. However, Split View (where you have two fill apps running at once, only works with the iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 4.

Oh, and anytime you hit a Twitch link on your iGizmo now, instead of directing to the site's mobile web version, the Twitch app will open instead. A bit of the old, a bit of the new is the name of the game here. Sadly you still can't broadcast yourself watching Twitch. Yet.
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