Google will provide some of Yahoo's search results

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Jon Fingas
October 20, 2015 5:56 PM
Google will provide some of Yahoo's search results

Yahoo clearly isn't wasting time now that it's free to partner with search firms besides Microsoft. The internet pioneer has revealed a partnership that will have Google providing some search results (including images) and search-based ads. It's not certain just how many queries the crew in Mountain View will handle, but the deal is "non-exclusive." If it wants, Yahoo can draw on Microsoft's Bing or any other provider. The pact lasts until the end of 2018, too, so the company isn't committed on the same level as it was when it struck the Bing deal in 2009.

The alliance seems odd at first glance, since Google and Yahoo were arch-nemeses for years. However, it makes sense given Yahoo's current position. Its earnings dropped to a relatively paltry $76 million in the third quarter, and the agreement (which has Google paying Yahoo for search ads) could bring in some much-needed cash. The Bing deal never led to improved market share, so the company has little to lose. On top of this, we'd be remiss if we didn't mention that Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer rose to prominence at Google. While she may not be trying to do her former employer a favor, she's likely more open to a Google deal than some of her predecessors. This is a pragmatic partnership -- Mayer is less interested in Yahoo's independence and more in doing whatever will get you to visit its many portals.

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Google will provide some of Yahoo's search results