Disney's bringing its own streaming service to the UK

Updated ·1 min read

Disney doesn't need any help distributing its content in the UK. Despite recently inking a new deal with Sky, the company has decided to strike out on its own with a new, standalone streaming service called "DisneyLife." It'll launch in November on Android and iOS -- with Airplay and Chromecast support -- and set you back £9.99 per month, in return for thousands of Disney Channel TV episodes and hundreds of Disney-related albums, books and movies. According to the Financial Times, that includes the entire Pixar collection and many Disney classics including The Jungle Book and Snow White.

Netflix and Amazon Prime Video offer a smattering of Disney films, but they tend to be older releases that cycle out periodically. To gain access to a larger library, many subscribe to Sky or Now TV, or simply purchase their favourite movies individually. DisneyLife could be an attractive alternative, especially if it offers extras like the Frozen soundtrack. What you won't find, however, is any Marvel or Star Wars films. A missed opportunity? Perhaps, although we suspect those are selling pretty well on DVD and Blu-ray at the moment.