Fossil launches its Android Wear watch and a slew of activity trackers

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Fossil launches its Android Wear watch and a slew of activity trackers

Fossil has taken its sweet time getting its self-branded smart wearables ready, but they're finally here... well, almost. The fashion brand has unveiled Fossil Q, a wristwear series with Intel's connected tech under the hood. The centerpiece is undoubtedly the Q Founder (above), its long-expected Android Wear smartwatch. The circular, stylish accessory looks much as it did when it first appeared this summer. However, it now ties into a special app that both keeps tabs on fitness and promotes "curiosity" -- basically, reminders to shake up your routine. It arrives this holiday for a not-too-pricey $275.

If that strikes you as overkill, there's a trio of activity trackers to choose from. The Q Grant ($175 to $195) is a conventional-looking watch that both tracks fitness and delivers a handful notifications through vibrations and color LEDs. The Q Reveler and Q Dreamer, meanwhile, are $125 conventional wristband trackers that shouldn't look out of place if you're well-dressed. All of the trackers will work with Android phones and iPhones (through the previously mentioned Fossil app) when they arrive on October 25th.

Fossil Q Reveler, Grant and Dreamer

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