Fossil teams up with Intel to produce its line of wearables

We heard plenty about Intel's wearable aspirations for 2014 back at CES, and since then it has announced collaborations with the likes of SMS Audio and more. Fossil was named as having a plan for Android Wear, and as of today the two are officially in cahoots. Unfortunately, details are scarce at this time, as we're left with the announcement that the pair aims to team up on "emerging products and technologies that will be developed for the fashion-oriented consumer." Judging by the wording of the PR, it seems that Fossil has more than watches on its agenda, and the outfit designs jewelry, handbags, wallets and more in addition to the traditional timepieces like the one pictured above. Of course, MetaWatch is an offshoot of the lifestyle company, and this is the latest in a group of accessory brands diving into the wearable craze.