Elon Musk responds to Consumer Reports' Tesla Model S downgrade

Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk is good at looking on the bright side of things, from space travel to clean energy and even people getting fired. After Consumer Reports revoked its "recommended" rating for the Tesla Model S this week, noting a "worse-than-average overall problem rate," Musk went on the optimistic offensive in a few tweets. Musk noted that the Consumer Reports reliability survey included "a lot of early production cars" with issues that have been fixed in newer models. He added, "97% of owners expect their next car to be a Tesla (the acid test)."

The Consumer Reports reliability survey collected responses from 1,400 Model S owners, some of whom reported problems with the drivetrain, power and charging equipment, sunroof and "giant iPad-like center console." The report adds that most of these issues are covered by Tesla's warranties, meaning owners generally aren't paying for fixes at all.

[Image credit: pestoverde/Flickr]