Volkswagen's emissions scandal might affect even more cars

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And further down the rabbit hole we go. On top of the 11 million cars already found to be cheating on diesel emissions tests, Volkswagen has also announced that it's investigating to see if other diesel cars have similar software tweaks, the New York Times reports. Specifically, it's looking into cars with its EA 288 diesel motor. All of the cars already affected, including VW's Passat, Jetta and Golf lines, are running a separate EA 189 motor line. The news follows a Reuters report from earlier in the week which claimed the car maker actually had several different emissions cheating solutions. That would make sense if it wanted to cover several different engine types. VW has recalled all of the cars affected by the scandal so far -- some can be fixed with a mere software update, while others might require mechanical tweaks. The company has also said it might compensate its customers for the fall in value of their cars following the scandal, though it won't be offering full refunds.

[Photo credit: Sean Gallup/Getty Images]