On-demand package delivery service 'Doorman' goes live in Chicago

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Jessica Conditt
October 23, 2015 3:47 PM
On-demand package delivery service 'Doorman' goes live in Chicago

Doorman, a San Francisco startup founded in 2013, is bad news for whoever makes those "Sorry we missed you!" sticky notes. Doorman allows subscribers to schedule deliveries for times that fit their own schedules, for $4 per package or up to $30 per month, and it's live in Chicago right now with a New York roll-out incoming. The service attempts to eliminate missed or stolen packages for people who don't have doormen themselves -- send your order to a personal Doorman address (a spot in the service's warehouse) and schedule a convenient time for it to be delivered, any day between 6PM and midnight. Doorman sends a push notification to users when their packages have arrived and are ready for scheduling. It's "ding" rather than "ding-dong."

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