ICYMI: Driving fails, global warming bacteria fix and more

ICYMI: Driving Fails, Global Warming Bacteria Fix and More

Today on In Case You Missed It: AAA and the University of Utah teamed up to collect data on how well driver's fare while using voice commands. The results are pretty terrible: Apparently it takes a full 27 seconds for a driver to fully concentrate after attempting to call someone while behind the wheel. Meanwhile Florida may be good for something beyond just the best Twitter account this side of the Atlantic. Researchers there found a strain of deep-sea bacteria that might be able to help fight global warming by attacking greenhouse gases. And a Spaniard got the first implanted 3D printed ribs in the world after a cancer fight. Good on him!

From the cutting room floor: Anyone who knows about the Bay Area's terrible bridge construction issues might be interested in this important bit of steel news.

We're also looping in my love of puzzle boxes with the granddaddy of woodworking projects from Craig Thibodeau: An automation table with secret compartments.

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