Designer makes a dress that can pay for your purchases

One of MasterCard's first partners for its new wearables project is Adam Selman -- Rihanna's favorite fashion designer, according to The New York Times. Since that initiative aims to bring mobile payments to pretty much everything, you can guess what his contributions to the initiative are: clothes and accessories that can pay for your purchases. And, thankfully, they look like items people would actually wear rather than ridiculously futuristic pieces that came right out of The Jetsons. One of them's the dress the woman in the image above is wearing, which hides a payment chip storing her credit card details right inside its bow.

Since it can be quite awkward to pay by bringing your boobs near a contactless reader, Selman also created a purse (the one she's holding above), a pair of cat's eye shades and a pair of gloves, which are all embedded with chips. Those items connect via Bluetooth to the payment app on your phone. MasterCard group head of digital channels Sherri Haymond said the initiative was meant to use things "that were already a part of life," and clothes and accessories are definitely some of those. The company wants to launch the first wave of chip-embedded wearables by next year. However, you might have to wait longer before you can pay with your sunglasses, because the credit card brand is still in talks with Selman about the production of his creations.