Deezer expands podcasts and talk radio to bolster its streaming library

After nabbing podcast company Stitcher in late 2014, Deezer added the listening material to its own service earlier this year. Now, the streaming option is filling out its library and adding some to features to make the experience a bit more enjoyable. First, Deezer's lineup of podcasts and talk radio now totals 40,000, doubling the previous tally. The library of shows includes programming from the likes of NPR and CBS News with sports coverage from TalkSport (in the UK and Germany) and more. Next, the company's apps have some new tools for podcast listening. There are playlist and sharing options now, as well as offline listening for Premium Plus subscribers that'll allow access during a flight or other times a connection isn't available.

Lastly, Deezer's podcast and talk radio content is now available in Germany, Brazil, Mexico, Spain and Colombia for the first time. The UK, France and Sweden have been privy to podcasts and radio since they were added to the service back in May, but there's no word on Stateside availability just yet. If you're a Premium Plus or Elite subscriber in those locales, you should see the new content and features show up as early as today.

[Image credit: Bloomberg via Getty Images]