Google's 'Who's Down' app is here because no one replies to your texts

Never let it be said that Google doesn't like throw weird ideas at the wall and see what sticks. Take the quietly-released "Who's Down" Android app that just hit the Google Play store, for example. It's an invite-only app that simply shows you whether you're "down" to hang out -- presumably, once you have confirmed that you are indeed "down," your friends nearby will see that status and include you in whatever wonderful activities they have planned.

Once you have confirmed you're "down," you can add a status message to say just what you're "down" for, be it a quiet evening with a few close friends or a booze-fueled night of debauchery that doesn't end until someone's in the hospital. Naturally, there are group chatting features included, as well.

The problem it's trying to find seems very similar to what Apple's Find My Friends app and Foursquare's Swarm app focus on, though neither of those explicitly let you say you're "down" for a specific activity. Unfortunately, Who's Down is currently invite-only, and the app's page on Google Play doesn't have a whole lot of detail on how exactly things work beyond the included screenshots. We're not quite sure how it matches you with your friends, for example -- in all likelihood it works with your Google contacts or people you chat with on Hangouts, but until we can give the app a spin ourselves, we'll have to wait and see. If anyone's "down" to send us an invite, feel free!