Best Buy hopes same-day delivery will fend off Amazon

Online retailers like Amazon are putting the pressure on brick-and-mortar retail spaces by offering cheap and speedy delivery of goods, with same-day -- and in some cases one-hour -- deliveries to metro areas around the country. In a bid to keep up with the competition, Best Buy is testing a same-day delivery service with the help of delivery service Deliv. Currently being tested in San Francisco, same-day delivery will cost Best Buy customers the same amount as one-day business express shipping. The company is marketing the service to online shoppers as an alternative to its in-store pickup option. It will be interesting to see whether people in San Fransico will continue to collect their goods from a physical store when they can now opt to get it delivered to them -- probably as they stream Amazon Prime Video from the comfort of their sofa.

[Image credit: Helen Sessions / Alamy]