Free app brings local news broadcasts to Android, iOS and Roku

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Christopher Klimovski
November 4th, 2015
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Free app brings local news broadcasts to Android, iOS and Roku

We're living in a cord-cutter's world where everyone seems to be ditching their cable and satellite subscriptions in favor of the cheaper alternative: streaming. The problem is, when we clense ourselves of all those pesky cords we also lose a wide range of local news broadcasts. NewsON is a new app available for Android, iOS and Roku that offers video content from a total of 118 stations in 90 different markets. The app features live and on-demand newscasts, clips from the station that can be accessed at any time and even the ability to post real-time tweets about the news coverage.

The interactive menu lets you choose which part of the news you would like to watch, whether it's sports, business, weather, etc. When launching the app, navigating around the main menu is a little more difficult than it needs to be. The design doesn't feel intuitive which leaves you to make a lot of the same mistakes over and over again. Some menus and channels are a little hard to find and on top of this, there is no indicator about which news station is the local, leaving you to cross your fingers and take a guess. Maybe these necessary design tweaks will be made available in future iterations of the app, but for now, if you need that local news fix you know where you can find it.

[Image credit: shutterstock / NewsON]

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