Kickstarter's 9.5 million users have pledged over $2 billion

You may hate how crowdfunding websites are being used for pre-sales, but Kickstarter's new numbers report makes it clear that a lot of people don't mind the practice. The website has announced that it has reached $2 billion in total pledges on October 11th, over six years after it went up in 2009. Moreover, it took four years and 10 months to reach a billion (with users pledging an average of $391 per minute), but only a year and seven months to reach the second billion (pledges per minute averaged $1,182 within that timeframe). The sharp increase in the amount of pledges started around the time the website announced that it's simplifying its rules of submission.

A total of 9.5 million people contributed to reach the $2 billion mark, and a third of these users backed more than one project. Kickstarter apparently served as home to 260,000 campaigns, most of which fall under the film and video category. It was the gaming category that raised the biggest amount of money ($412.4 million), though, followed by technology-related ones ($360 million). Out of those campaigns, 93,555 successfully reached their goal. If you love stats and numbers, Kickstarter has more deets you can pore over right here.

[Image credit: KevinHyde]