Turn any watch into a smartwatch (kinda)

Have you been eyeing your friend's Apple Watch and wishing you had one of your very own? Well, tech startup Trivoly has developed a way to squash that burning jealousy. The company launched a crowdfunding campaign for a newly developed disc of the same name which promises to turn any watch into a smartwatch. It is made out of a thin plastic and basically acts as a notification hub, vibrating when you receive a message...or set an alarm...or add an event to your calendar. You can control your smartphone camera and music by tapping all sides of the disc and it contains a heart rate monitor that syncs to native fitness apps.

Trivoly seems to fall short of being a fully-fledged wearable (much like the Wena Wrist) as it isn't a standalone product. Sure, you can use the native app to "customize" your disc (change the color it flashes when you receive a notification) but you'll need to commit the various colors to memory and still reach for your smartphone. The company says the device is fully operational and ready to go, yet the estimated delivery date is February 2016. Whether or not you opt to grab a Trivoly, it looks like your smartwatch envy still has a few more months of life left.

[Image credit: Trivoly LLC]