VW will reportedly offer cash to cheated diesel car drivers

If you're feeling burned by Volkswagen's decision to cheat on diesel emissions tests, you might get some compensation for your troubles. Sources for The Truth About Cars understand that VW will launch a "TDI Goodwill Program" that compensates diesel car drivers with cash in the form of prepaid cards. In the US, you'd get both a $500 universal card as well as a VW-only card worth $500 to $750. The automaker isn't confirming details just yet, but it tells the New York Times that it's planning an announcement on Monday. Dealers also tell the newspaper that they're aware of a program in the works, although they don't know the specifics. It may not include the expanded range of cars reportedly tainted by the scandal, though, since VW is denying claims that it cheated with some models.

This isn't the only olive branch VW has been offering: it's been handing out deals to existing owners willing to hop into new vehicles, and there are more discounts than usual across the board. However, the goodwill effort would represent the first instance of VW directly compensating drivers who'd previously thought they were getting an eco-friendly machine. This isn't going to make up for years of unnecessary pollution, but it may represent the company's best hope of holding on to customers.

[Image credit: Ralf Hirschberger/dpa via AP]