Watch TAG Heuer unveil its Android smartwatch at 11AM Eastern

TAG Heuer smartwatch teaser

After months upon months of hype, Intel and TAG Heuer are finally ready to show their Android Wear smartwatch to the world. The two are hosting a live stream at 11AM Eastern to spill the beans on the Carrera Wearable 01, billed as the first Google-powered luxury watch. We know a handful of details about the wristwear (such as its $1,800 price tag, Intel components and familiar design), but there are still a few things up in the air. Will it really get that vaunted 40-hour battery life? What kind of bands can you choose from? And will the software deliver anything beyond the usual Android Wear experience? We're on the ground at the event to get the full scoop first-hand, but you can tune in below if you just can't wait to get details.