ICYMI: Trekkie health scanner, car vending machine and more

ICYMI: Trekkie Health Scanner, Car Vending Machine and More

Today on In Case You Missed It: A vending machine for cars (by Carvana) just launched in Nashville, removing the necessity of talking to a car salesman -- or anyone, really -- before driving off in a new ride. Stanford engineers made a health scanner device that can detect a tumor in your body based on the energy vibration that it sends out. And two crowdfunded devices aim to help snoring sleepers put a sock in it. The first, Nora, comes with a pillow that deflates or otherwise moves, to reposition the offending sleeper's head. The other, Silent Partner, is a nose wearable that allegedly creates a quiet zone around the sleeper by sending out canceling sound waves.

Finally, there are two bits of tech we also touched on in today's episode. Supermarket robots from Simbe Robotics are being tested in actual stores, and are designed to scan shelves for items that need to be restocked. And beekeepers may be into this new product from Keltronix. It's a video plus algorithm system that tracks your bees flight patterns, condensing the data in app form to let you know when new trends are spotted, which should keep bees healthier in the long run.

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