Audioengine's HD6 powered speakers pack Bluetooth and a built-in amp

If you're not familiar with the name Audioengine in regards to speakers and other audio gear, allow us to introduce you. The company may not be a big-name brand, but it has a knack for stellar sounding tech. Adding to its arsenal this week, Audioengine debuted the HD6 powered speakers. Inside the dapper wood veneers and magnetic speaker grilles, there's a built-in amplifier, 24-bit optical input from the company's D1 digital-to-analog converter (DAC) and high-fidelity Bluetooth with aptX. Audioengine says it took pieces from some its best-selling gear and combined them with its signature sound inside the new retro-styled cabinets. All of the usual connections and remote control are there as well, making the HD6 a solid option for handling the audio from your mobile device, turntable, television and more. In addition to the aforementioned walnut and cherry wood finishes, you'll also have the option of satin black. The Audioengine HD6 speakers are available now for $749, so get ready to empty your piggy bank.