ICYMI: Long distance loving, NASA's ice news and more

ICYMI: Long Distance Loving, NASA's Ice News and More

Today on In Case You Missed It: NASA scientists are tracking sea ice and say the Antarctic mass is larger than we've ever seen since satellite tracking began in the 70's. Sadly, it's still growing at a much slower rate than the Arctic's ice is shrinking. Fire fans can get their hands on a Pyro Mini device from Ellusionist, to launch fireballs from their hands like the true magicians they long to be. And we're making fun of a pair of devices because why not. The Pillow Talk is a Kickstarter that pairs an under-the-pillow speaker with a wristband to broadcast the sound of your heartbeat to your long-distance love. Meanwhile the TSTAND is a hands-free tablet stand that would let you lie flat and not have to hold a tablet at an uncomfortable angle. We recommend using them together for maximum nerd.

And we couldn't believe the video we found of the waterskiing and fishing for flying carp combo-- so if you need some levity, it's all yours.

If you need to get caught up, here's our latest story on the hacking collective Anonymous' latest efforts to out keep members of ISIS from Twitter.

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