Samsung's latest smartphone camera loves the low light

Are you sick of disappointing low light photos taken on your smartphone? Samsung might have a solution for you. At an investor conference in Korea, the telecommunications brand announced a new camera called BRITECELL that excels in darker conditions. The camera manages to achieve brighter, sharper results by getting rid of the traditional Bayer filter layout used in most smartphone cameras. This is a filter that turns pixels green and blocks light from hitting the sensors, making photos darker. Samsung has traded these green pixels for white ones that allow more light to pour through the lens. More light means brighter photos. Simple, right?

BRITECELL cameras will also be 17% thinner than others in the smartphone market, so this might mean the end of lenses that jut out the back of phones. At the same conference, Samsung also revealed "Smart WDR" which works a lot like HDR in that the camera takes multiple shots and the software then combines them, creating a stable, color-bright photo. Samsung didn't mention which products will utilise BRITECELL cameras, but with the next Galaxy flagship phone set to be announced in Q1 2016, we feel like we have a good idea.

[Image credit: Bloomberg via Getty Images / 9to5Google]