LG's upcoming G4 lets you take better photos in the dark

LG's flagship smartphone has improved every year, other than the custom UX apps that we've found to be "unnecessary" and "redundant." A new tease of the G4 and its UX 4.0 software shows more of the same on both fronts. The company has improved its camera with a low-light f/1.8 lens that one-ups Samsung's flagship by a tick, though the G4 will be hard-pressed to better the Galaxy S6's image quality. There's also a new "Quick Shot" capability that lets you snap a photo with the screen locked by double-tapping the back button, along with a manual mode for finer shooting control.

On the other hand, LG also trumpeted several superfluous-looking features in its new UX 4.0 Android flavor, even while Samsung is de-emphasizing such apps. Smart Notice, for instance, "analyses a user's daily routine and... combines this information with (his) lifestyle habits" -- exactly like Google Now does. Other features include photo album organization by location, custom contact ringtones and photos, and a revised Smart Bulletin that collects and displays info from your schedule, music, weather and other apps. Some of these may be useful, but hopefully, LG will make it easy to deactivate any UX 4.0 apps you don't want.

The G4 is rumored to pack a 5.5-inch QuadHD display like the G3, and you can probably expect top-of-the line specs across the board. It may also have a leather or faux-leather back, à la recent Samsung models like the Galaxy Note 4. Until it arrives on April 28th, you can read the tea leaves with the videos below.