Facebook is making it easier to ignore your ex after a breakup

Social networking can be a little ...awkward after a break up -- forcing you to revisit potentially painful memories each time your ex posts a meme, status update or, worst of all, photo with their new fling. Facebook understands, and it's testing out new tools to help you see less of your former partner without the social faux pas of actually blocking them.

Starting today, US Facebook users who change their relationship status on mobile will be given the chance to "take a break" from seeing content from their ex. The app presents options that remove the other party's posts from your feed, limits which of your status updates they'll see and helps you untag them from posts and photos. It's basically just a tool that helps you tweak existing privacy settings to avoid confrontation -- but it is pretty straightforward.

As for actually breaking up with partner you're not happy with anymore, well, you'll still have to do that part yourself.