Skype updates Android app so you can save video messages

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Mariella Moon
November 19th, 2015
Skype updates Android app so you can save video messages

Next time you receive a memorable video message on Skype that you want to keep forever, you can tap it and then choose Save to Gallery if you're using an Android device. The messaging application has released an update that adds the capability to its Android version, along with a few other features. For instance, you can now long-press a conversation on your Recents tab to bring up a new toolbar, which gives you quick access to delete, mark as read and mute notifications buttons. The new app gives you an easy way to share images from your gallery to a group convo and forward images from one conversation to another, as well. In addition, you can now forward Mojis (these are short reaction video clips similar to GIFs) and take advantage of a better search function. Skype has already rolled out its latest Android version, and you can download the app with all these features from Google Play if you haven't yet.

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