Nintendo opened an eBay store for some reason

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Sean Buckley
November 20, 2015 10:41 PM
Nintendo opened an eBay store for some reason

Looking for a good deal on a refurbished Wii U, but don't like using Nintendo's clunky online shop? Now you have another option -- the company just opened an official eBay store, stocked with new and refurbished games, consoles and accessories. Don't expect to find any deals though: almost everything on the official eBay store conforms to current retail prices (fixed using eBay's "buy it now" feature) or Nintendo's existing refurb pricing.

Truth be told, the unexpected eBay shop might actually be a good idea: Nintendo's existing online store is kind of off the beaten path, where a lot of shoppers won't come across it. Ebay, on the other hand, is a well established online marketplace -- giving Nintendo more visibility than it may get on its own website. The new store is certainly more convenient for users who already have an eBay account.

That said, there's not much there. At the time of this writing, the official Nintendo eBay store has only 34 items for sale, only one of which (A Wii Fit U bundle) listed below retail price. Still, something to keep an eye on as the holiday season and Black Friday approach. Check it out for yourself at the source link below.

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