Check your credit card transactions: 54 Starwood hotels hit by malware

Third-party forensic experts have discovered that the point-of-sale systems in 54 Starwood hotels across the US and Canada were infected with malware. The company has listed all the locations in its PSA, including various Sheraton, Westin and W properties. That list also notes the possible dates (ranging from November 2014 to October 2015) when each location could have been compromised, and they were all before the hotel chain announced its acquisition by Marriott. Just like what happened to Hilton earlier this year, you might have only been affected if you used your credit cards in one of the 54 hotels' restaurants or gifts shops. Starwood America president Sergio Rivera says there's no evidence that its guest reservation and membership systems also had a security flaw.

Based on the experts' investigation, the malware was created to gather credit card names, numbers, expiration dates and security codes. It thankfully didn't have the capability to pilfer other sensitive info such as SSNs and addresses. Rivera claims the team Starwood hired already took care of the malware, but if it was too late for you -- check your CC statements for any suspicious transaction! -- the company will give you access to a free year of identity protection and credit monitoring services.

[Image credit: Bloomberg via Getty Images]