Make your 'Halo 5' Spartan into a 3D-printed trophy

Halo 5's campaign is hot garbage if you're playing through it solo, but the multiplayer suite is pretty much the opposite if you're into competitive shooters. It's a likely reason why Microsoft is shifting its latest ad and PR focus around the mode -- pre-release hype centered on the game's flaccid story. The latest step in that? Bringing your customized Spartan soldier into the real world via 3D printing. Redmond has aligned with custom 3D printing house Sandboxr and printer manufacturer 3D Systems to put your unique Slayer combatant (sorry, Kerry King) in the palm of your hand. Using the web interface, Xbox Wire says you can choose from 175 armor and helmet options, over 30 color variants and five different poses with a quintet of weapons. The classic "teabag" pose isn't one of the available selections, however, but you can make an 18-character moniker for the statue.

These real-life versions of your killing machine range in price from $30 for the smallest model, $50 for the medium one and a whopping $90 for the largest. The smaller two measure in at 4-to-4.5 inches and 5-to-5.5 inches, respectively, while the largest can vary from 6-to-7 inches.

This isn't the first time something like this has been offered, actually. But while other companies offered real-life versions of your Xbox Avatar or World of Warcraft toon, these Guardians statues are officially endorsed by developer 343 Industries. If you've been filling your shelves with the various collector's statues the recent Halo premium editions have gotten (or know someone on your holiday shopping list who has) this could be a pretty cool addition to the mantle. There's sort of a catch, though. If you want to get a special REQ pack (power-up items for the game's "Warzone" mode), you need to place an order by December 6th.