Playdate: 'Mario Tennis Ultra Smash' and board games with animals

Ah, Thanksgiving -- the perfect time to relax with your family and play something slow, wholesome and casual. Nintendo, it's your time to shine: join us as we check out Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival and Mario Tennis Ultra Smash on Wii U to see which game better compliments a gluttonous holiday meal. We'll be streaming at 6PM Eastern / 3PM Pacific right here in this post, on the Engadget Gaming homepage and, if you want to join us in chat, at And yes, it's okay to vent your Amiibo shopping frustrations here. This is a safe space, friends. We understand.

Playdate 'Mario Tennis Ultra Smash' and Board Games with Animals

[We're broadcasting these games via OBS at 720p, so rest assured your Wii U games will look better on your setup at home.]