Amazon Prime will reportedly offer access to other video services

Signing up for Prime could give you a lot more than Amazon's own video service.

Normally, signing up for a streaming video service only gives you the content from that service, leaving you heading elsewhere when a TV network decides to hoard all its shows. If rumors are true, though, Amazon Prime Video may soon offer a lot more in one place. Bloomberg sources hear that Amazon will give you the option to add other subscription services to your account, and show their video libraries alongside its own. Just who's interested isn't clear, but Amazon is reportedly lining up "major, well-known" movie and TV channels for a launch that could happen as early as December.

This kind of play wouldn't be shocking. Amazon needs any edge it can get over rivals like Hulu and Netflix, and saving you the trouble of visiting multiple sites might be a big one. In fact, Hulu is offering just that with its recently introduced Showtime tier. It's doubtful that Amazon's approach would be any cheaper, but it could be more viable if you just have to watch Man in the High Castle alongside your favorites from conventional TV.

[Image credit: AP Photo/Elaine Thompson]