E-paper sneakers change your style on the fly

ShiftWear's e-paper shoes can change designs on a whim.

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E-paper sneakers change your style on the fly

If you're the sort to buy multiple pairs of sneakers just to make sure your footwear is always fashionable, you might soon have a way to save a lot of money. David Coelho is crowdfunding ShiftWear, or sneakers that have color e-paper displays in their sides. You only need a mobile app to change your look at a moment's notice (there are promises of a shoe design store), and you can even use animations if you're feeling ostentatious. The shoes are machine-washable, and the e-paper consumes virtually no power if you're using static imagery -- there's even talk of walk-to-charge tech that would save you from ever having to plug in or swap batteries.

Coelho is definitely ambitious: while ShiftWear has a $25,000 baseline goal, it'll take $250,000 or more to comfortably make these wearables a reality. However, it won't cost you too much to help out and get some shoes in return. Pledging $150 will set aside a pair of ShiftWear L1s (the low-cut model), and it only costs more if you're looking for some higher-cut options. There's no guarantee that the team will pull this off, but the prospect of ever-changing kicks may be hard to resist.

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