Chrome for Android slims down the internet when speeds are slow

If you're on the subway with the dreaded 'Edge' signal, Chrome will serve you text only.

If you've ever been stuck with slow mobile internet and just wanted to read an article, Google has some mighty good news. It's about to release a new feature to its Chrome for Android Data Saver mode that will only display text when it senses a slow network. Once a page loads, you can then show all images (above) or specific ones by tapping on them. Google says that the new trick will use up to 70 percent less mobile data on Android devices.

The search giant is trying various things to make mobile faster -- its quick-loading "AMP" mobile pages will arrive soon as well, for instance. However, the Data Saver feature will be particularly useful in areas with low internet speeds, so Google is rolling it out in India and Indonesia first, with additional countries getting it later. Once it arrives, you'll first need to first turn on the Data Saver feature to see the benefits.