Google is shutting down Songza's music service on January 31st

After more than a year, Google is shutting down Songza's services and folding them into Play Music.

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Google is shutting down Songza's music service on January 31st

It's been more than a year since Google bought Songza and started integrating its mood-savvy streaming into Play Music. And now, it seems, it's time for the service to ride into the sunset -- Songza has announced that it's shutting down all of its offerings on January 31st, 2016. From then on, you'll have to use Google Play Music to get those familiar features. You'll get to import your playlists and listening history before the fateful day, but there's otherwise no going back.

The closure isn't shocking. There's been a degree of overlap for months, and it was doubtful that Google was going to keep Songza around indefinitely. Still, this is the sad end to a long saga for one of the streaming music industry's pioneers. Songza was offering predictive playlist suggestions well before the concept took off in other streaming services -- it may not be as unique as it once was, but its impact on internet music might be felt for years to come.

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