HoloLens (briefly) shown streaming 'Halo 5' and Netflix

Objects in video may not represent reality.

We've known for awhile that you can beam practically anything to Microsoft's augmented reality headset, HoloLens, but seeing someone playing Halo 5 on a TV that seemingly appears out of thin air is still pretty damned neat. And it's not just Microsoft's disappointing first-person shooter that's getting the augmented-reality treatment: Candy Crush and a Netflix stream by way of an Edge browser window are on display as well. The clips below are brief and look pretty impressive, but based on firsthand experience with the device, these videos don't quite line up with the actual user experience.

For starters, everything is color correct rather than sporting a cool shade of blue, nothing flickers and the field of view is super wide -- the "holograms" aren't cut off at the edges here. So basically, it's like the version of Hololens Redmond showed off onstage at E3 this year with Minecraft versus the one we've actually worn. Meaning, it's impressive, sure, but likely still has a long way to go before it looks anything like Microsoft would have you believe that it does.