Apple game of the year 'Monument Valley' is now free on iOS

The M.C. Escher-style puzzler has sold in the millions on iTunes.

If you're looking for a free iOS game, an interesting new option has just opened up. Puzzle-adventure game Monument Valley managed to pull off the hat trick of being fun, zen and beautiful all at the same time -- which helped garner it Apple's Game of the Year and Design awards for 2014. The title, normally $4, is now showing as "free," though there's no word on how long that offer will last. After launching in May last year, it had earned $5.8 million by January 2015, mostly from sales to iOS gamers (creator Ustwo said that only 5 percent of Android sales were paid).

The game is also available for free on Android via Amazon Underground. The company is no doubt hoping that players will burn through the ten included levels quickly and then purchase the $2 Forgotten Shores add-on. Meanwhile, developer Ustwo recently released Land's End, another gorgeous game, but this time for the Gear VR. It's also trying another tried-and-true source of gaming revenue, having just launched an adorably weird line of Monument Valley plush toys.