The 'godfather of revenge porn' gets 2.5 years in prison

Hunter Moore, the founder of IsAnyoneUp, will also have a mental evaluation while behind bars.

Hunter Moore, the founder of revenge porn website IsAnyoneUp, has been sentenced to two and a half years in jail. In addition, the 29-year-old will have his mental health evaluated while behind bars and will have three years of supervision upon his release. Moore is generally regarded as a notorious figure in the growth of revenge porn, enabling jilted lovers to post intimate pictures of their former beaus when the relationship broke down. It all seems like just desserts, although if there's one galling element of his sentence, it's that the fiscal penalty is so minor, since he's being forced to pay a fine of just $2,000.

Unfortunately, Moore's crimes don't stop at simply accepting the prurient debris from relationship calamities. The trial revealed that he hired (co-defendant) Charlie "Gary Jones" Evens to hack into women's email accounts with the aim of finding private images that could be shared. Evens was sentenced to two years in prison a few weeks back, and will similarly have to undergo three years of supervision.

Moore's sentence isn't the most severe that's been handed down for running a revenge porn operation, an honor that goes to Kevin Bollaert. The founder of ugotposted began an 18-year jail term earlier this year after allowing 10,000 images of women to be posted without their consent. In addition, Craig Brittain, the founder of IsAnybodyDown has been prevented from sharing photos of people without their permission in an order handed down by the FTC.