ICYMI: 7-D heart MRI, astronaut cups and tech tats

The only acceptable tattoo will soon be the conductive kind.

ICYMI: 7-D Heart MRI, Astronaut Cups and Tech Tats

Today on In Case You Missed It: NASA just shipped the astronauts on the International Space Station a cup that will let them almost drink like earthlings. GE announced scanning tech that would reveal the intricacies of the heart far quicker than conventional MRIs. And temporary tats that can monitor health and beam the information right to a doctor are here, coming to sick little people or elderly folks someday. If you've ever been woken up a couple times a night in a hospital, so a nurse could loudly check your vitals, you know what a win these could be.

We were very impressed with this DIY guitar made from a skateboard so if you're into either of those things, check it out.

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