Eight classic PS2 games launch on PlayStation 4 tomorrow

Playing 'Vice City' or 'Twisted Metal' again will cost $10 - $15.

John Ewing/Portland Press Herald via Getty Images

A few weeks ago Sony acknowledged its plan to get PS2 games running on the PlayStation 4 and today it announced which ones are first. According to exec Shuhei Yoshida, the company will celebrate its "PS2 heritage" by launching eight games for purchase in North America and Europe tomorrow: Dark Cloud, Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Rogue Galaxy, The Mark of Kri, Twisted Metal: Black, and War of the Monsters. It's similar to the backwards compatibility that the Xbox One just added for Xbox 360 games, but there is one big difference: like on PlayStation Now, you'll need to pay for these games again. Most of them will cost $15 in the US while a few cost $10, but you can see the prices (and a trailer) after the break.

PS2 Games on PS4

On PS4 the games render in 1080p, and support new features like Trophies, Live Broadcast, Remote Play and second screen sharing of game manuals to a mobile device or PlayStation Vita. There are more games on the way too, as Sony will demo Parappa the Rapper 2 and King of Fighters 2000 at its PlayStation experience event this weekend.