Jellyfish Aquarium can make it easy to care for pet jellies

It comes with everything you need -- all you have to do is add water.

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Mariella Moon
December 4, 2015 5:23 AM
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Jellyfish Aquarium can make it easy to care for pet jellies

Jellyfish are notoriously hard to care for, and even a slight change in temperature can kill them quickly. A startup called Jellyfish Art swears its cylinder tanks can help you keep teensy moon jellies alive for as long as possible, though, which means the animals could live for years instead of six-or-so months like in the wild. According to the cylinder's Kickstarter campaign, it comes with everything you need, including filters and activated charcoal -- all you need to do is add water. It's even shipped with colorful LED lights to make the display look as interesting as professional tanks found in marine parks.

The tank also comes with the ability to mimic the laminar water flow pattern observed in jellies' natural habitats and has air pumps that can oxygenate the water without heating it up. Now, if you're new to taking care of jellyfish, the $250 tier already gives you three small, non-stinging critters and their food supply. Assuming you're in the US, you'll get the tank first (if and) when kits start shipping out in February 2016. Then, you can use the voucher in the package to redeem three moon jellies -- you'll have to find other suppliers if you're in other countries -- 30-day guarantee included, just in case you have a "black thumb" when it comes to animals.

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