Mini review video: Our verdict on the Lumia 950 in about a minute

The software has potential, even if the hardware is unremarkable.

Lumia 950: Mini Review

Engadget's review of Microsoft's Lumia 950 was so controversial that a few of you sent hateful Twitter DMs to our author (tsk, tsk, guys). Still, as much as we hate to disappoint our readers, we need to stand our ground on this one: While Windows 10 Mobile has promise as a platform, the 950 itself isn't exactly what we'd call flagship-grade hardware. The design lacks the charm and polish of earlier Lumia handsets, and the battery life was mediocre at best. Also, our reviewer encountered enough sluggishness and random crashes to conclude the OS still needs polish.

That said, it has promise: Continuum and Windows Hello are both innovative features, and the concept of universal apps for mobile and the desktop will be even more impressive once there's a larger selection of optimized apps. Windows 10 Mobile is worth keeping an eye on, then, though we're not convinced the Lumia 950 is the best introduction to it.